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How Would It Feel?

If you had more energy?

If you woke up energized and ready to take on the day?

If life felt effortless?  

If your body generated free energy?          


You have no time?   Could you commit to 15-20 minutes once or twice a week?

You don’t like going to gyms? What if you were the only person in the fitness room… No loud music, no mirrors, no feeling intimidated, you don’t even need to change your clothing. Could you find the time?

Have you tried fitness programs and didn’t see the results you had hoped for? What if you were guaranteed to see improvement in your body shape, mood, energy and sleep. Could you commit to yourself?

What Will Strength Training Do For You?

Improve Your Energy Levels

Tone Up Your Body for a  Sculpt Look

Improve Mood and Cognitive Function

What Results Can You Expect?

Women can gain 2-4 kg (5-8 lbs) of lean muscle

Men can gain 5-7 kg (10-15lbs) of lean muscle

What affects the results?

Genetics, Body Type, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Stress and Sleep

What Does Strength Training Do For You?

                                                                             Increased Strength and Energy                                                                                       Better Mobility and Balance                                                                                     Muscle Gain and “Tone Up”                                                                         Increased Metabolism and Weight Loss                                                                                             Improved Posture                                                                     Improved Mood and Cognitive Function                                                                                  Reduction in Lower Back Pain                                                                        Improved Bone Mineral Density                                                                               Increased Collagen Production                                                                                  You Can Start at Any Age


Science Based One on One Private Whole Body Personalized Strength Training that includes every aspect of Movement, Mind/Body Connection, Functional Breathing, Alignment, Periodization, Neuro and ChronoType

5-10 exercises 1-2 times per week for 20 minutes. Targeting the whole body, through slow controlled multiple joint exercises for greater metabolic stimulus

By Appointment Only


Help People Live Healthier Happier Lives, Bring Like Minded People Together, Have Fun!

Who  Is Going To Help Coach You?


In my 20’s I started yoga out of curiosity and took swim lessons to earn my bronze medallion  .My 30’s it was jazzercise, yoga and cross country skiing so I would look good.

When I hit my 40’s I started dancing; ballroom, latin, country, salsa and flamenco. Then zumba and pilates. It was fun, great exercise and it took my mind off work.

By the time I hit my 50’s it was back to nature; gardening, hiking, walking and meditation. I wanted more energy

Now in my 60’s it’s line dancing, gardening and strength training to maintain my energy and keep my brain sharp.

Several years ago I found myself with low energy and poor quality sleep. Attending a trade show I happened to get on a Body Composition scale, and at 5’3 and 127 lbs I was 38% body fat. Yikes! I was a skinny fat person no wonder I had no energy, I had no muscle. I started Strength Training once a week and realized I found the Longevity Pill.

  • Certified Personal Trainer - International Sports Science Association

  • High Intensity Resistance Exercise Specialist - High Intensity University

  • Functional Breathing - Oxygen Advantage

  • Heart Rate Variability - Elite HRV

  • Interoception Performance Specialist - Evidence Based Fitness Academy

  • Barefoot Training Specialist - Evidence Based Fitness Academy

  • Pelvic Floor Certified  - Pfilates

  • Program Design Mastery - Clean Health Institute

  • FMT Kinesiology Taping - Rocktape

  • Bone Fit Trained ~ recognized by Osteoporosis Canada  

  • FMT  Movement Specialist

  • Standard First Aid/CPR Lrvel C &AED

  • Adding this to my 20 plus years in business development in lifestyle, functional and integrative medicine.

I will be strength training, dancing and gardening into my 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to keep a strong body and mind and to ensure I remain independent and out of long term care…

I hope you will join me!


                                                                         Training Offered at:                                                                        

Avenida Place

12100 Macleod Trail SE  

Calgary, AB                                                            



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